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When I wrote this song, I had not heard of Kemet. But I chose to keep the name Egyptian Bluez because, well, it just fits! Most people know the name Egypt, and do not know about Kemet, so this song can serve as a bridge, as an introduction to Kemet, just as it was for me when I first wrote this song back in 1986 or 1987. It was the very forst song that I wrote as an adult. Or second. I was pregnant with Monoah, and it was either this song or her song, Monoah’s Ark, that came first. I do believe it was Monoah’s Ark. Anyhoo, one of the first….It was also around this time that I watched that Sun Ra video, Space is the Place. I will find it and post it here next time…

You can find both versions in the player below.

Hu: an ancient term for the Sphinx, for the 4 fold nature of all things: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, which is represented by the Sphinx

Chillin in Kemet

Maat Ankhu Maat: Maat is the Source of Life
Tehuti also known as: Djehuti/Teotihuacan/Thoth/Hermes
Ankh Hena Maat: Live with Maat
Cha Hena Maat: Rise in the Morning with Maat (CHa also pronounced with hard Ch sound), like a K


Emma Ya: SIRIUS, many folks say Yemaya, Orisha of the Ocean and Sky
All are related to ASET

Ptah Hotep Amun Ra ( I first learned this chant from Dr. Ben Yochannon, (who just recently passed away) when I was pregnant with Monoah….it is all connected)
Hekau (Chanting, Sacred Sounds and syllable)

Maat Hetepu: May the Peace of Maat be with YOU!
Ab a en Muta: My Mother, My Heart

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