Lakota: 4 Directions

This is a Lakota Nation song.

This song is to remind us of the Sacredness of all things.

A song to Honor All things in the four directions, as well as Above and Below, and of course, within.








I know that this song is good medicine, with the power to help us remove racism from our eyes and our hearts.

Native Prophecy says that in these last days and times, the People of the 4 Directions will come together to share the teachings.

From the Lakota, we learn many methods of prayer and purification: the smudge stick, the peace pipe, the sweatlodge, and the sundance. This song is often sung during sweatlodge ceremony.

I do not mean to offend, only to share good medicine with good people.






Wiyohpeyatan kin yan Itunwan yo/ye
( Toward the West)
Nitunkasila (Look, Grandfather)
Ahitunwan (he) yanka lo
(Sitting there, watching you)
Cekiya yo/ye, Cekiya yo/ye (Pray, pray)
Ahitunwan (he) yanka lo
(Sitting there, watching you).

Waziyatun kin yan ….. (Towards the North…..)
Wiyohinya patan kin yan….. (Towards the East…..)
Itokagatan kin yan….. (Towards the South…..)
Wakantan kin yan….. (Toward the Sky…..)
Makatan kin yan….. (Toward the Earth…..)









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