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I’ve got to live like a Natural Woman.
I’ve got to give like a Natural Woman.
I’ve got to live like a Natural Woman.
I’ve got to give like a Natural Woman.

HU-hu-hu hu-hu. Hu-hu-hu.
Faithkeeper: reminds us of Jah blessings.
Clan Mother:raising a family.
Peacekeeper: holds the vision.
Nyabingi: death to all oppressors.


Natural Woman

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“The Faith-Keeper works to keep the faith. It’s like an auxiliary organization, like a fireman’s auxiliary. Her duty is to work and cook at ceremonies, while being the timekeeper, too. We don’t follow the calendar; we go by the moon and the seasons. We just had our Planting Seed Dance Ceremony. My mother used to always say that the time you can actually start plantng your corn is when the Gehet tree has the white blossoms…” Alice Papineau, Onondaga clan mother of the Eel Clan.


“The Peacekeeper holds the vision of peace for all beings in all worlds, as beauteous expression of harmony and balance resonating through thought, word and deed. The Peacekeeper sees all in good relationship, perceiving the underlying unity of creation. The Peacekeeper knows that each being is empowered by will to choose, wisdom to see, and intelligence to act, all beings together weaving the dream of our shared reality.Recognizing that patterns of mind manifest as one’s individual, family, clan,national, and planetary relationships, the Peacekeeper, turns aside anger, doubt, and fear, harmonizing conflicting emotions through complementary resolution. The Peacekeeper acts with consideration for future generations, with the mind of preserving life and that which enriches living.”



Longhouse of The Onondagas Today





“People choose a clan mother by watching how she has lived her life and cared for her family. She has to be someone who has a family and knows the responsibilities of being a mother, because that’s the evidence that she will take care of all the people as if they were her children. Those are the qualifications. The duties of a clan mother are many, beginning with being a counselor. She has to be there for people in times of family crisis, or for their own personal problems. She must be someone who is able to give advice on how to handle difficult situations. This goes back to someone who has followed the Longhouse way, because that’s where we get our teachings……”Audrey Shenandoah, Eagle Clan Mother of the Onondaga Nation.


NYABINGHI: Excerpt from THE TRUTH ABOUT THE RASTAFARIANS G.K. Osei, African Publication Society 1979; page 11.

“What is NYABINGI and what does it mean to the Rastas in Jamica? In Jamaica the word means DEATH TO THE BLACK AND WHITE OPPRESSORS. The word comes from Central Africa and it refers to a cult that resisted the white savages from Europe in the later part of the 19th century. For nearly twenty years it struggled against the whites. It was suppressed in 1928. Access to the spirit in the Nyabingi cult was limitedto the BAGIRWA WHO HAD BEEN SELECTED BY Nyabinghi as her medium. One of the feared Nyabingi leaders was Muhumusa. The colonial governments said that Muhumusa was ‘an extraordinary character’. It is said in one tradition that Nyabingi was a person who ruled Ndorwa-Kajara before the formation of Mpororo. It is said that Mpororo was ruled by an Amazon Queen, Kitami. By getting the royal drum from Kitami, Kamuraru obtained control over Mpororo. Some people say that Nyabingi, she who possesses many things was another title of Kitami! It is said that the cult came about because Hororo seized her power by invading her country. The Queen became immortal after her death. It is irrelevant whether the cult originated in the northern part or the southern part of the country. Two things are important here. The first is that the cult had it’s origin in a Queen and the second thing was that it opposed the white savages. Nyabingi was also called ‘Empress of Runda’.”







Natural WomanThis video is about Natural Woman

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