Rastafari is Universal











Excerpts from The Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire, by Drusilla Dunjee Houston. Available from Black Classic Press: “Chapter 15: THE CIVILIZATION OF INDIA.” (Pages 210-211)

“Asia is a continent in which republics were unusual in early ages. Here history reveals monarchies under despotic rulers, who were worshipped as though the subjects were mere slaves. India until late ages was under a very different form of government. In early Buddhist times we find the land full of aristocratic republics. This was the same form of government to be found on other Cushite sites. Here in a more isolated climate, remote from outside influences, the old Cushite communal form of government has come on down to our times. Much can be gained from a study of this unique system. Out of it came the environment that nourished his exalted mental attainments. Again it is too lightly considered, when we remember that this form of life produced artists and craftsmen who brought into existence lost arts and a skill and originality that we do not today attain. It is common error to suppose that the tribes that the Aryan invaders found were savages. Ancient annals represented the Cushite Indi as wise and skillful. Heoren said that these writings represented the early Hindu as a commercial people, that their merchants could travel from one end of the Nile to the other, Nile flowing through Barabra (Ethiopia) and the mountains of the Moon.

RASTAFARI IS UNIVERSAL Go up to the mountains. Go down to the sea.
Find the Lion of Judah as far as I can see.
Rastafari is Universal.
Jah Rastafari is Universal.
The Land of Cush is our ancestral home.
You know our people travelled far.
Any nation you can name
must bow to Ethiopia.
Rastafari is Universal. Yes!
Jah Rastafari is Universal.
Children of Earth! Children of Sky!
Know your Roots and you shall fly!
One with the Universe, we are not alone.
Follow the Rainbow Bridge back to our
Celestial Home.
Let’s take a trip out to the stars.
This trip goes back in time.
And forward to the future,
before I finish out this rhyme.
We’ve had our home in the Pleaides and
Orion’s Belt, it’s true.
Let’s not forget dear Sirius!
I didn’t come here to talk foolishness to you.
Rastafari is Universal!
Jah Rastafari is Universal!



















“Even the name is Ethiopian. Ancient records of authority made Hind and Sind sons of Cush. Philostratus in Vit. Apollon (Lib. II), says, ‘The Indi are the wisest of mankind. The Ethiopians are a colony of them, and they inherit the wisdom of their fathers’. The separation of India from the parent Cushite stock was in ages long before the rise of the so-called Aryans in India. The older Greeks always associated the sacred waves of the Indian Sea with the wonderful Ethiopians…..

“The name India means black, and Condor thinks that it was employed only to designate the home of the Asiatic Ethiopians…..”.



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