Tsalagi Thankful
(Cherokee Song of Thanksgiving)

This is a traditional Cherokee song that we put to the Reggae Rhythm. It is a song of Thanksgiving, but it has nothing to do with the so-called Day of Giving Thanks that is celebrated in occupied territories of Turtle Island. Native People give thanks every day. With each breath, we express our gratitude.

Tsalagi Thankful
(Cherokee Thanksgiving Song)mp3

O-da-li A-da-we-hi
(Greetings Wise Protectors)
O-da-li A-ni yu’n Wi-wa
(Greetings Original People)
(Let me see things clearly)

A-we-he-he-ya, A-we-eh-eh-yi-o
Sky, our Grandfather.
Sun, our Grandmother.
Earth, our sweet mother.
Ga-li-e-li-ga: I am Thankful.
Si-gi-ni-ge-yu: We love each other.
O-sa-li-e-li-ga: We are grateful.





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