Ancient African Adorations

Good Rising and Great Awakenings! Welcome to Ancient African Adorations!

The first event took place on March 19, 2017 in Miami, FL Spring Equinox and Month of the Goddesses. Special DUA to Sophia’s Maat garden for hosting this event. This is the first in an unending series of concerts and workshops. Looking forward to visiting your community in the near future.

florida adorations

In the future. the Concert will take place on a Friday Evening. This will feature a Ritual that takes you on a Spiritual Journey. The Next Day will feature the Workshop, with two aspects: First, learning the songs and chants, the translations , the meanings, the myths, the teachings, etc. of the Neteru, the Gods and Goddesses, the Ancestors the Cosmic Forces that live within all of us.

Secondly, there will be a KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing Workshop, where we will explore different ways to get closer to the Neters, and how to apply this knowledge to healing, healing of Self and healing others.

The Third Day will provide an opportunity to experience KemeTones in a one-on-one session. If so desired, you can also receive a HeruScopes Kemetic Sidereal Astrology Reading to enhance your sound healing session. You can also schedule an Energy FLOW Analysis.

Call me at 707-972-7931 to make arrangements in advance. When presenting at festivals, we gotta go with the flow as far as scheduling goes. Just drop me an email or call and we can get things moving!



Here is the slideshow from the first concert

You can find most of the songs at bandcamp:



Here are video clips from the first event. Future shows will have proper lighting! LOL!!




coming up next…..

JUNE 25 in Chicago

chiraq adorations

and July 22 in Port Antonio, JA


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