Message of the Frost Moon: November 2017

Good Rising. This analysis was written after a long night of Full Moon Light Observation, early hours before dawn on “Saturday, the 4th”



The fullness of the Moon. Mind You, the Full Moon lasts three nights, however the fullest moon is/was November 3, 2017 at 10:22 pm pst, We feel the effects of the energy of these lunar alignments for at least 2 weeks, in this case, until the New Moon. So even if you missed observing the event, you will still come to know the effects.

First thing to notice is the position of the Sun and the Full Moon, or Ra and Djehuty.







Ra is now in the sign of Maat (Sidereal Libra) just moved in a few days ago.






Djahuty (Full Moon) is in the sign of Tamet Ammon (Sidereal Aries, the Ram, Strength, Leadership, Amun is Witnessing Consciousness.).






Djehuty (Mercury) is also in Maat. Communication, Thought/THOTH, Purification, Mental Control. Purification of Speech, etc)

Many people think that Maat represents Peace, however, this is not true. Peace is not one of the 7 Principles of Maat. Peace, Hotep, is what can be attained when one follows Maat. For more information, watch this video on the scales of Maat.




In addition to utilizing creativity to express Maat, let us also examine what we have already created, and weigh against Feather of Maat. Let us examine where we are as stewards of the Earth. Let us examine things that we have said in the past and reflect, or thoughts that have manifest, and offer them up to Maat. Let the Wisdom and Fullness of Djehuty Illuminate our thoughts, our hearts and our minds. so that we can overcome and detoxify from any negativity or impurities in our heart or in our environment.

Let our minds become as empty and as still as the Witnessing consciousness of Amun. And our hearts, as light as the Feather of Maat. Let our words overflow with Maat, be filled with Truth.

Maat can free us from duality, from judgement, Maat is not just 100% Justice, Meat is the scale that measures the balance between Justice and Lack of Justice. But she is not Justice. In the Duality, she is both Justice AND lack of justice.






Heru (Uranus) and Chiron (The Wounded Healer) are both in PiCot Sahu, sidereal Pisces. A watery sign. Pisces deals with emotions, and past lives. “Emotions make excellent servers, but poor masters” Kemetic Proverb.  We can be victorious over our emotions, and use them to serve our greatest purpose. We can channel them, transform them into something that assist and benefits, rather than destroy. “Turn Poison Into Medicine” Nichren Daishonin (Japanese)  Buddhism. Can also train oneself to respond to anger rather than become emotional and react. “When they go low, we go high” Michelle Obama. Also expressing one’s emotion, allowing the tears to flow, is a very healthy way of expressing emotions, just do not let them turn into anger. Creativity, music, art, games, there are many ways to express emotions in a non hurtful healthy way. Exercise. things that make the body move, can be a way to transform heavy emotions, even just tending the garden or walking with nature. The main thing is to express emotions in a healthy way, because when we keep them battled up, they will eventually cause an explosion. Crying can be healthy and purifying, do not hold back tears. do not block the expression of emotion, do not remain silent out of fear of being heard. respond, do not react with anger or toxic emotions,

NebtHet Neptune is still in KuUrKu. Urging us to bring order and organization to our communities. To Unite for the Good of the All, for the Good of All. Sharing knowledge and wisdom will take immense organization from the Lady of the House.








Mars, Venus, Jupiter In  Sidereal Virgo.
 Set, HetHeru and Pi Cheus/Amun in Aspolia (The Seed),

Planting seeds of self control, mindfulness, with wisdom and expansion. Inner knowing of the difference between right and wrong, real and unreal. will lead to life without judgment, duality or individual personality.. free of the lower nature.

Have previously discussed Pluto and Saturn analysis in other HeruScopes.


In the midst  of all the deceptions  and hidden agendas being revealed, may the wisdom and guidance of the Benevolent Ancestors and Light Beings continue to Illuminate Our Path on this Journey called Life.

Looking ahead:

During my observance, I saw a rainbow ring around the moon, The moon was perched on top of some clouds inside the ring that resembled a cow or a bull. This reminded me of the Goddess riding on the back of a Cow/Bull, Apis. Of course, the next sign of the Full Moon will be Apis (Sidereal Taurus), I will keep my eyes open. This could be interpreted as Abundance.


In about 2 weeks, Nov, 17,  weeks, there will be a Maat Conjunction, with 4 planets in this powerful constellation. Stay Tuned.


Here is more music for your reflection.

Oneness from HeruScopes.

Hotep. Supreme Peace, the End of Duality.






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