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Spring Cleaning

Good Rising! Spring is in the Air. Here at KemeTones©, that means it is time for SPRING CLEANING!!!   A thorough cleaning involves every area of your life: your space, your mind, your chakras, your body, your womb, your garden, even relationships. It is all about removing blocks and toxins, unwanted accumulation of energy. so that new things can grow. Eliminating things that no longer serve you. Here are a few of my favorite Spring Cleaning activities: Fasting and/or Liver Flush. I prefer to do 5 days cleanses, with maybe one or two days of fasting with only water or o
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KemeTones© is heading to Jamaica for Align with Sirius Rising Level 1 Acutonics© Training:


and KemeTones© Level 1 Certification.

KemeTones in Jamaica 2015 Class Info Kit







Good Rising! Welcome to the KEMETONES© IN JAMAICA 2015: Cosmic Sound Healing Level 1 Acutonics© Class and Retreat….. READ MORE


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Chiron Return

Chiron Return occurs in a person’s life between the ages of 50 and 52, well up until one turns 53. Many of us experience trauma as youngstars, and have no idea or how to process. So, we just go through life as best we can. When we reach our Chiron Return, these events from the days of our youth come up. READ MORE.



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