Maat Alignment November 2017 HeruScopes Analysis

Uben Nefer Nehast. Good Rising and Great Awakenings. Welcome to  the  Maat Alignment November 2017 HeruScopes Analysis. This alignment will last from around 20:00 ( 8 pm) pst until the Moon moves on to to the next sign, Ip/ Sidereal Scorpio on November 18 around 22:00 (10 pm) pst.

A Maat Alignment is also referred to as a Libra Conjunction. There will be 4 celestial bodies in the sign of Maat, Sidereal Libra for 2 days. Many astrologers are focusing on the Jupiter Venus Conjunction in Libra. This has already begun, and will continue until November 26. This Conjunction is lasting 18 days


“Jupiter Venus conjunction 2017 in Libra zodiac sign occurs during November 2017.
These two highly benefic planets will remain conjunct till end 26 November, while transiting in Venus owned Thula Rasi.
This combination is the most coveted one attracting good fortune when the two planets come together in any sign.”

“So, a small window of 18 positive days remain in this month for making any move towards love proposals, financial transactions, marriages, buying new house, registration of new vehicles, for initiation of a mantra or learning a new subject.
There are no other major conjunctions, which indicate pretty easy going for those who want to find their love.“

Do keep in mind, that most astrologers or astrology websites do not acknowledge Imhotep/Ophiuchus, the 13th constellation of the Zodiac. I only utilize the Astronomy at sites like these, the diagnosis, not the remedy. For the remedy, we turn to the Neteru, the Cosmic Forces that are associated with the Planets and Constellations. Hey, I just thought of a Black Hole as AMMIT! LOL!! The Goddess that devours the hearts of the unrighteous at the Scale of Maat.


What a delightful way to begin this edition of HeruScopes: The November 2017 Maat Alignment. For more information on Maat, please visit these webpages:

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Maat Alignment. November 2017 by Arit Tchiya Amet El Maat.
Arit is the first portion of my Kemetic Ren or Name. I have decided to start using this name outside of the Temple. More on this later.

Please remember that the purpose of HeruScopes is to assist you in seeing your Self as the Heru/Hero/Heroine in the myth of your life. To get closer to the Neteru, the gods and goddesses, also known as the Cosmic Energies that live within all of us. Also referred to lovingly as the Ancestors. It is not about winning the lottery, getting a job, or finding a mate, unless of course that is your destiny. It is about learning more about yourself, by learning more about the forces of Nature (which in fact drives from the word Neter and also Neberdjer, the One Supreme Being), and vice versa. Hotep. Supreme Peace. For more info, download a copy of the HeruScopes Handbook and Resource Guide


MAAT ALIGNMENT (Libra Conjunction:
4 Celestial Bodies in Sidereal Libra):

RA   (Sun)
HETHERU   (Venus)

PI CHEUS/AMUN: Witnessing Conscious JUPITER: Expansion,

SESHETA: The Scribe, Goddess of writing, mathematics, sciences. astrology, astronomy, 7 Psycho-Spiritual Centers. Lady of Books, Patroness of Libraries, Reckoner of Time, Recorder of Deeds, and much more                                             MOON: Emotions, Personality


RA: Creator of the Cosmic Forces of the Universe
and all the People of the Earth; Illusion
Sun: Creative Energy
HETHERU: Goddess of Love, Beauty and Life Force Energy
Venus: Love and Beauty



Glorious Light Meditation | Nut Amunet’s Blog
Glorious Light Meditation

AKA LIBRA CONJUNCTION November 16-18, 2017

In addition to the benevolent loving qualities of this phase from Jupiter and Venus, as mentioned earlier in this article, during the next 48 hours, this will be enhanced by the arrival of the Moon, Goddess Sesheta here at HeruScopes (except during the Full Moon, which is associated with Djehuty).

This represents a moment in time and space to utilize all creative efforts and energies to share Maat wisdom teachings, and to be open to receive these teachings. This is an excellent time to express your devotion to Maat. And of course, to write in your journal about your experiences, for self reflection and increased self knowledge. During this window of opportunity, get your life into alignment with the Maat Principles: Balance, Truth, Order, Harmony, Justice, Righteousness and Reciprocity. This is the perfect time for Listening to the Teachings of Maat. Ra is in this constellation until November 23, when the Sun moves into Sidereal Scorpio, for only 7 days, then into Imhotep/Ophiuchus until December 18.

Another way to come into alignment with Maat is by doing a thorough purification of your space (mind, day, heart, life, etc.) like going thru old boxes in closets, clearing off that counter covered in clutter and old expired paperwork (HELLO!), doing a fast, doing a mental cleanse to eradicate negative egoistic thoughts and self talk. Like a reset button. Do whatever it takes to make your heart as light as a feather. Purifying the Mind and the Heart. Forgiveness is a very powerful tool to lighten any burdens. And so is Taking Action for Maat, Stand For Maat, Stand With Maat, rather than remaining silent when the lower nature and Ego are present inside of your or in your environment. SPEAK UP! Think of the Love and Strength of the Goddess Hetheru, when she had lost her way, and the wisdom teachings of Djehuty reminded her of her divine origin. Takes a lot of courage for a baboon to stand up to a blood thirsty lionness. Now is a very good time to remember your divine origin, and what better way then by studying the teachings.

Chanting, which derives from Creative Powers, is the perfect way to raise the vibration and get rid of negative thoughts, feelings or emotions. There is plenty of Divine music available for your listening pleasure right here!


Amun Ra Ptah by tchiya_amet | Tchiya Amet | Free Listening on …


Un Mesu Ra (Children of Ra) – Tchiya Amet – Bandcamp

Ast Maat R U Sirius Enuff f
eatures the 7 Maat Principles

42 Laws of Maat Nuk Pu Maat, the Song | Tchiya Amet

And when you visit, there is a continuous stream of Kemetic Music, Chants, Hymns, Prayers and guided meditations. There is also a plethora of wisdom teachings available, and even a Kemetic tv station. This weekend is the perfect time to visit these online resources.

We can utilize the Power of Witnessing Conscious Mind of Amun to identify when our lower nature is trying to take control. The wisdom and expansive power of Jupiter can assist us in this process of purifying the mind/heart. And let’s not forget this awesome power combination for abundance and prosperity that comes with Jupiter Venus Conjunction. From the Vedic Tradition from India, we can call upon the assistance of Goddess Lakshmi. Here is more info on the Abundance of Lakshmi:

All of this information is to be used in your meditation to activate and align with the Goddess Maat, and the Principles. During this time, the Cosmic Forces of Abundance, Expansion, Wisdom and Witnessing Consciousness; Creativity and Illusion; Writing, Reflecting on the Personality in order to purify the mind and the heart; Love, Beauty, Abundance, Will Power, Life Force Energy, to see beyond the illusion, and create/manifest a life based on Maat. For your self and for the entire Planet! By now, we should realize that “Money is NOT the Source of My/Our Supply, The Divine is All There Is” from (the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price). By focusing our mind on the Divine, we will be more open to receive Abundance. By letting go of lower aspects of Ego, invoking forgiveness, compassion, and taking right action, and increasing Self Knowledge Self Love and See Care, we will come into alignment with Maat. This is how we can bring about Maat: JUSTICE, TRUTH AND ORDER, into the World, One Life at a time. It is up to YOU! Remember, Nuk Pu Heru:

OM MAAT GEB: May Maat Be Restored Upon the Earth! Hotep
Arit Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.



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