Day #31: My Clan, Expression of Love of for the Mothers that lived before us…

We are all connected by blood to the Mother that came before us, all the way back to the very first Mother.


I am repairing this Cultural Quilt
I am replanting my Cultural Roots
Mending this Cultural Quilt
For the good of my Granddaughters
Quenching my Cultural Thirst
With Jah Fresh Spring Waters

Walked into an arbor
filled with many thousand beautiful women
One by one they stepped out
As if called by name
They formed a line
I fall into place
Fall into space
This is my bloodline
This is My Clan
Blood of my Grandmothers
Handed down through time
It’s All that I am.

My Mother, Jane Ann,  passed away in 2010, and I am still getting to know her to this very day!!

My Clan 2010


The future of My Clan ….;LLuvia Tchiya Tchiya Via Via Tchiya Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.34.37 PMIMG_0288


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