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Service Offerings:

Musical Healing and Divine Wellness

Narrative Concert: Tchiya Amet & the Light House Band, with Full Live band, with narrative about the songs or theme/topic of presentation, visual

Musical Lecture: Tchiya Amet solo performance, with lecture about the music or selected theme or topic, visuals

Special Events: KemeTones©: Cosmic Sound Healing booth at festivals, parties, etc and also,

KemeTones© Devotional Service and Concert.

Classes, Workshops and Temple Initiations

HeruScopes© Chart, Readings, and Consultations

One on One KemeTones© Cosmic Sound Healing Experience: personalized treatments and packages.

Devotional Programs and Guided Meditations: BLUE LOTUS SPEAKS

Coaching Services: Blue Lotus Speaks: healing from rape, trauma and sexual assault.
                                Nafu BLYS (Black Liberation Yoga System): healing from trauma associated with slavery and forced  
                                                   immigration such as Trail of Tears and Reservation Life    



CONTACT TCHIYA AMET EL MAAT, S.E. FOR DETAILS AND MORE INFORATION SUCH AS PRICING, SCHEDULING AND BOOKING. Office 707-983-6303; Cellular 707-972-6831  or email amet13 at tchiya.com

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