Super Cold Full Moon December 2017 from HeruScopes

Super Cold Full Moon occurred at Dec 3, 2017 7:46 am PT

Perhaps somewhere in South America, this is called the Super Hot Moon. From where I am sitting, it is obvious why this is called the Cold Moon. Since it is also a Super Moon, I call this the Super Cold Moon…For more detailed information on the archetypes, the Neters (gods and goddesses), the Cosmic Forces and/or the Planets, download a free copy of the HeruScopes Handbook and Research Guide. This will be updated in 2018.

The spiritual technology behind HeruScopes is designed so that you can see yourself as the Hero/Heru in the Myth of your Life.

Letz dive right in.

Super Cold Full Moon December 3, 2017 7:46 am PT


















Portal of Djehuty is Open (Mercury Retrograde) December 3-22.

Technically speaking, the shadow of this cycle actually began on November 15, (and ends on January 10, 2018) the same day some interesting things happened in the news:
“On the day that Mercury went into its Pre-shadow, such discordant events occurred, as the 92-year-old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe being deposed after 37 years of dictatorial rule; to the former comedian Al Franken, now a US Senator, who was caught sexualizing a sleeping co-star during his 2006 USO tour in Iraq. (shown in the photo above). The only thing they have in common is that they both overestimated their claim to power.” 


At HeruScopes, Mercury Retrograde is viewed as something positive, not something to be feared. Djehuty is the Cosmic Force of Divine Intelligence, Communications, Writing, etc. In modern times, even technology. The Portal of Djehuty Opening is a time for a major “uplevel” in these areas. If your computer crashes and cannot be repaired, it is obviously time to get a new computer, do not blame it on Mercury Retrograde. Instead of running from challenges, or hiding from them, we express gratitude for the changes and improvements. It’s about seeing the glass not only half full, but looking forward to the next refill! Perhaps, even buying a dozen glasses. Getting into lots of arguments due to miscommunication, or too much communication? Some things need to be said. Usually, we remain silent to keep the peace. Then blow up when we are triggered. During the times of the Portal Opening, it is so much easier I find to express what is really being felt. The challenge is to express oneself with compassion, understanding, and yes of course, honesty. Ah, but there is a proverb:”Truth without kindness and compassion is cruelty”. Others say that Truth cuts like a knife…..

The Portal Of Djehuty Opening takes place in the sign of PiMaere, Sidereal Sagittarius. Along with RePhan, Saturn. On the one hand, Limitation, Boundaries, Obstacles AND on the other, Openings, Breakthroughs in Communication and Technology. PiMaere deals with travel of course, and also focus on Desires, as the arrow of the Hunter is aimed at the constellation Scorpio. The Elder teacher. Saturn is also known as the Teacher.

Openings in Communications that are often seen as breakdowns, arguments, conflicts, awkward silence and tension, etc, are really breakthroughs that can lead to tremendous insight. Traveling beyond any limitations or obstacles that get in the way of higher truths being revealed and enlightenment. Before things can get better, they usually get a whole lot worse! Remain focused on the Goal, the desired outcome,

















Dua Ra Imhotep (Sun in Ophiuchus)

Ophiuchus as you may well know, is the 13th constellation included in the Zodiac, the path of the Sun and Planets across the Sky. Here at HeruScopes, this constellation is known as Imhotep, the ACTUAL Father of Medicine, from Ancient Kemet. He built the Saqqara Step Pyramid, among many other amazing feats. The approxomately 2 week window of Ra Imhotep, from November 30-December 18, is all about Healing. Ophiuchus is portrayed as a man that is wrestling with a snake between his legs. This is said to represent Humanity coming to terms with lower nature, as in sexuality, and embracing natural health and alternative ways of healing. If you look closely at the image, Ophiuchus is also about to stop on the Scorpion, also symbolizing controlling or in this case, sublimating the lower nature.



Ra Imhotep plus Portal Of Djehuty Opening:
Honest Communications Can Create Tremendous Healing for ourselves, our communities, and the planet. When we do not express what is heartfelt, a block is created. We do not need any blocks, we need to go through the Opening. Must release all emotional toxins and residues in order to experience wellness, again.







HetHeru Ip. (Venus in Sidereal Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars/Set)

This is a fascinating combination. Two of the most powerful of all the Neteru, because both Hetheru and Set at one time, forgot their true nature, and the lower nature had taken over. In the end, both were victorious. HetHeru was brought back with Divine Wisdom, and Set, well, let’s just say that he finally accepted the inevitable. In the end, they both returned to higher state of consciousness after having spent some time in ignorance of their divine self.

So, during this time, we are to be mindful of our desires. Remember NATO: No Attachment To Outcome. Use the Illuminating Creative Power of Ra, The Sun, to identify and stamp out aspects of the Lower Ego when they arise. This can apply to informal meditation process within, and also to taking actions in the world around you. During this Imhotep Healing Cycle, we can focus on purifying our desires and rather than working hard, trying to get somewhere, we can choose to work smart and allow things to unfold instead.














PiCheus Maat (Jupiter in Sidereal Libra)

The Power of Maat (Maat is the Goddess or Cosmic Force of balance, Truth, Order, Harmony, Justice, recipeity and Righteousness. is in a cycle of EXPANSION. People are speaking up, predators are being outed. Politrickers are being exposed. PiCheus Maat lasts until OCTOBER 12, 2018, Indigenous Peoples’ Day! LOL! It Began on September 12 of this year. So not only is the next 2 weeks (effects of Super Cold Full Moon plus Merc Retrograde) also includes this powerful Maat Boost.PiCheus is also associated with AMUN, the Witnessing Consciousness that knows all, sees all, always present, never sleeps. Can NEVER escape from Maat. There is an awareness that witnesses everything that happens, this is the Cosmic Force Amun. Jupiter even has an Eye. to watch over us all and keep an eye on things for Maat!!! LOL!!


Set Aspolia. Mars in Sidereal Virgo.


Aspolia represents the Seed. The best thing about Set is that he is able to conquer his lower nature. So can each one of us; we all have the potential. Planetary Knowledge of Ophiuchus implies that Humanity can do the same thing. Think of your Life as a Garden. What do you want the Earth Mother to grow in the Garden of Your Life? Let us plant seeds of transforming this society from one of rape culture to one of healing from rape culture on our way towards living in oneness. Let this be the direction of the Warrior within, The Healing Warrior. For each one of us has an inner battle, and this planet is currently engaged in spiritual warfare.



Djehuty Apis (Full Moon in Sidereal Taurus).


The Moon represents the personality. Apis represents abundance, wealth, grounding, nature. the Earth Mother. I never really thought about what sign would be opposite Imhotep until now. Certainly the Earth energy of Taurus is complimentary to the master healer builder, engineer, scientist, etc. During this full moon, these cosmic forces, which lie dormant in many people, can become activated. Try journalling about your Moon Reflections tonight.






Djehuty and Apis (The Cow) however, takes us right back to the story of Djehuty and HetHeru. Djehuty is the Teacher that shared wisdom with HetHeru when she had forgotten her identity as a divinity. This wisdom is what transformed her state of consciousness back towards the divine. May the wisdom of this super cold full moon/Mercury Retrograde be embraced and transform the consciousness of Humanity on the tough issues we are facing today. May we emerge with new and higher perspective than the one that has been forced upon us for generations. (The Moon is Rising on December 3 while I am finishing up this report, and already these words have come true for me…)














Heru PiCot Sahu (Uranus in Sidereal Pisces): Let’s be real, and face our Emotions and Feelings about current State of Humanity.
NebtHet KuUrKu (Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius): Let’s put things in Order regarding the way we treat our Global Human Family. How can we sleep at night, knowing that someone somewhere is still living in slavery, physical slavery? Usually, for the sake of our convenience. Someone is a victim of human trafficking, and are living as if life is peachy keen.
Asar PiMaere (Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius): traveling to another part of the world, seeing how other people really live, can transform your own life and mentality. Just staying in the same place, or only traveling to work day in and day out, kind of removes you from feeling connected or even responsible for the suffering of others. You remain in a false protective bubble, which is only delaying the day when you must become self sufficient, or become non-existent.
These 3 planets have not changed much, so I will leave the details for another time. Or, you can check some of the previous reports.



Sedna, the Comet that represents Trauma and Violation

remains in the sign of Apis, Grounding, Healing, Remembering who we truly are. Nurturing. This is a very slow moving celestial body, so we have lots of time to utilize this cosmic force, However, if we are unaware, we will miss out on the experience.





















In light of everything that is going on, it appears that NOW is a very good time for Humanity to face the various aspects of our lower nature and get them under control. Not just sexuality, but the Ego, which is represented by Set. What will become of us if we do NOT get these issues under control: Sexual Predators in leadership positions, Climate Change, Slavery, Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia, Pipelines, Trumpedgate, and so on, the lower nature of Humanity is running the show. Yes, we each have to do the healing work individually, The point is, that if we do not, things will keep going in the same direction, only intensified. If you closely examine each of these issues, it is obvious that these events and situations continue to happen because people tend to remain silent out of fear. Fear of losing a job, fear of losing a loved one, fear of death, fear of pain, etc. People also remain silent for other negative emotions. shame, greed, lust for power, The thing is, everything that is happening in the world is at some level, a reflection of what is going on within all of us. This Full Moon is here to assist us with this process.



These days, there are LOTS of communication breakthroughs, especially in the arena of celebrity sexual predators. I wonder if there will be any new revelations between now and January 10? The effects of a Full Moon are felt until the Next New Moon, which will be….December 18. What happens on that day? Ra (Sun) moves onto the next constellation, Sidereal Sagittarius….I am getting the feeling that the next two weeks will bring much strength and empowerment due to the openings in communications. Breakthroughs that will allow us to travel beyond limitations and obstacles caused by fear and lower levels of consciousness, such as low vibrational sexual energy, lower nature/self centered ego personalities, (ie, celebrities), etc. These types of revelations can be painful, and yet, releasing and letting go of fake heroes, false concepts and notions, “decepticons”, ls purifying to the heart and soul. Medicinal Healing Energy. Especially, the Heart and Soul of Mother Earth, who is being assaulted daily: raped, raved, pillaged, you name it. Her children, products and resources are still being enslaved. Eric Selligrism, sidereal astrologer  at, texted me on the first day of Ophiuchus: ”Ophiuchus is getting rid of sexual predators. The time is Now.” I couldn’t agree more. Imhotep is performing LIGHT SURGERY on the entire Human Family. The planets have lined up for us, the Cosmic Forces are standing up for us, and the Ancestors are standing with us. A completely new level of wellness and awareness can begin. Now, it is time for us to #EndTheSilence #EndTheViolence.


The World has Plenty of Love, What the World Really Needs is MAAT!

Hotep, Arit Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.

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