Wolf Full Moon Report Jan 2017 from HeruScopes


Wolf Full Moon Report Jan 2017 from HeruScopes


mercury retro ended on jan 8. smooth sailing ahead
dua ra dua asar dua djehuty pi maere sidereal sag

the light of the wolf moon will be filled with the illuminating power of wisdom thaT COMES FROM SELF KNOWLEDGE. THE ABILITY TO CO CREATE through transformation. the creative forces combine to produce a season of travel thru wisdom sharing. Communications everything is focused on travel, transportation, mobility, movement, wisdom knowledge. and now even creativity. leading to nehast, enlightenment, being reborn into eternity.

dua rephan imhotep
still breaking beyond all limitations in healing and wellness. with the light of the full moon in pi mani (sidereal gemini), we will also break beyond preconceived notions, false concepts, toxic thoughts, etc. freeing ourselves from mental slavery that we created, freeing our minds. and thus, our lives.
on a personal note, I am feeling the limitations of the duality, and striving for unity in all directions.

dua set dua hetheru dua chiron kuurku
KuUrKu represents again, sharing teachings, knowledge, wisdom. This is often represented by the person pouring water from one container to the next, usually portrayed with one foot on land, one foot in water. KuUrKu is also symbolized by the waves of the Nun, the waves of the transcendental ocean of undifferentiated consciousness.

Set (Mars, Muruga) sets he direction of the Will. When in control of Ego, directs the course of the Boat of Ra, directs the course of out creative forces. Our creativity enables us to transcend the ego thus serving the Divine thru our creativity, in motion towards enlightenment and unity of humanity. HetHeru (Venus) N Chiron KuUrKu the beauty path of the wounded healer is enhanced by observing humanity and bringing about the environment for healing and sharing healing wisdom. Seeing the Beauty in all things, especially the healing journey. It may appear or temporarily feel painful, yet is the best thing that could be happening to quicken the healing process.

dua heru picot sahu
the revolutionary, the pioneer, the redeemer, the idealist. moving in a different direction, a different drumbeat, that comes with the wisdom of past life experiences, with emotions controlled.

dua djehuty pi mahi

the full wolf moon is in sidereal gemini, again the cosmic forces of djehuty are increased, as gemini is ruled by mercury. Communications now back on track since the portal has been closed, lets all embrace the communications that come thru crystal clear, loud and clear, straight from the heart, as Djehuty, Divine Intelligence, is the heart of Ra. Place emphasis on seeing the unity that is beyond the veil of the duality, the illusion.

dua amon aspolia

dua aset (ceres) picot sahu
dua [pallas athena) kuurku
dta juno serpent
dua vesta khepera

Wolf Full Moon Report Jan 2017 from HeruScopes

howl with the moon!


  1. Paul Motingwa

    Why is it called the ‘wolf’ full moon? I it interesting that where I am we don’t have wolves; only jackals, and no foxes.. But we use the same word for wolf and jackal, even while we don’t have wolves!

    3 years ago

    • Tchiya Amet

      Greetings Paul! The names for the Moons are taken from various native American Nations and Tribes. Jackals, wolves and dogs are all related on this type of culture/mythology. In my family, we are the Wolf Clan, or Waya. I also resonate with Anpu, the Jackal headed Cosmic Force (God) of discernment, and Sirius, the Dog Star. Hope this helps! Thanks so much for reaching out! One Love, Tchiya at HeruScopes.

      3 years ago

  2. Paul Motingwa

    Peace & Love,

    Sorry, I should have said it’s the same word (phiri) for wolf and hyena while fox shares with jackal! The versions we have feature in numerous folk tales and some proverbs. I think I get it about the moon names and clans. There is a Phiri (hyena) clan in Zimbabwe or Zambia. Around the time of the wolf moon I watched a video on you-tube saying when dogs howl it is a sign that evil forces are approaching..

    3 years ago

    • Tchiya Amet

      Hi Paul. I get these names from a Native American Astronomy website. They list the names for the moons from various Star Nations and Tribes. I choose the one that is most in alignment with the HeruScopes Astrology reading for that particular moment in time. I feel the names have to do with the environment and activities of the People. It would vary with geographic location….When my wolf dogs start howling, we are singing and giving thanks. I think it depends on who is writing the article. When my dogs howl, I howl with them!!! One of my pups used to come into the rehearsal space and sing with me!!! Thanks for writing, and also for your patience! I was traveling out of country and just now seeing your messages! HOTEP. Supreme Peace.

      2 years ago


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